Tri-Cities Summer Cask Festival 2015

It’s in the bag!  Woohoo!

The Tri-Cities Summer Cask Festival — featuring craft beer from a number of our local breweries and BBQ by Brian from House of Q– was held at Rocky Point Taphouse on July 19th, 2015.  Good times, my friends!   Yes…good times!

RPT Entrance with Banner

Glass and program

The Venue

Rocky Point Taphouse, again, was the venue of choice for the Summer Cask Festival.  This time around, casks were spread through the whole venue: upstairs, downstairs and on the patio,  making for a roomier cask festival that saw people getting up and moving about throughout the whole venue.

As has always been the case, the atmosphere was inviting and the staff were attentive and friendly.  Rocky Point Taphouse is a great place to enjoy a beer.

RPT - Main Seating Area

Patio casks

The Breweries

As with the last Tri-Cities Cask Festival, the focus was on breweries outside of Vancouver.  Breweries that provided casks were:

  • Moody Ales
  • Yellow Dog Brewing Co.
  • Twin Sails Brewing
  • Steel & Oak Brewing
  • Central City Brewery & Distillery
  • Tricities Brew Club (with Beyond the Grape and Moody Ales)
  • Brewhouse Brewing Co.
  • Big Ridge Brewing Co.
  • Big River Brewing Co.
  • Four Winds Brewing Co.
  • Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks
  • Hearthstone Brewery
  • Maple Meadows Brewing Co.
  • Mission Springs Brewing Co.
  • Old Abbey Ales
  • Old Yale Brewing Co.
  • Persephone Brewing Co.
  • Ravens Brewing Co.


The Beer

As you would expect from any cask festival worth attending, the beer was excellent.  The beers were varied in style and flavour, with a beer to satisfy everyone’s tastes.  To give you an idea of the beers to be sampled, the list of the beers included (but was not limited to): a Citrus Blonde Ale, a Dry-hopped Hefeweizen, a Strawberry Witbier, an India Pale Ale, a Brown Ale, an Extra Special Bitter and a Brett Sour.

This cask festival, like the last, saw the Tricities Brew Club provide a cask in collaboration with Beyond the Grape On-Premise Winemaking and Home Brewing Supplies and Moody Ales.  Many of the “Pros” in the brewing community got their roots by brewing beer at home.  The collaboration cask celebrates those roots and highlights the great beer that is being crafted in all areas of our community.

Tapping a firkin - 2

Tapping a firkin

The Food

One of three meal choices came along with the admission to the Tri-Cities Cask Festival.  The meal choices, created by House of Q,  included bacon-wrapped turkey skewers, Italian sausage hamburgers, and mushroom quesadillas, all with associated side dishes.  I was fortunate enough to get to sample all three of the options, and while they were all delicious, in my opinion the Italian sausage hamburgers were spectacular and the clear winner.

Along with creating the menu for the event, Brian from House of Q was in attendance at Rocky Point Taphouse doing live cooking demonstrations and providing food samplings from his cookbook, “Grilling with House of Q”.  It’s not often that you get to sample recipes from a cookbook that were created, cooked and served by the person who wrote the book in the first place and in this situation, it was awesome.  So much so, that I took the opportunity to purchase a copy of Brian’s cookbook and would recommend it others as well.

On the patio, the smoke and aromas from the Brian’s barbequing combined with the perfect weather and the great beer…a match made in heaven.

Brian from House of Q

Brian from House of Q - Serving samples

The Next Event

The Tri-Cities Cask Festival Association is now gearing up for its next event.  And while the date and location are yet to be finalized, look to keep early October open on your calendar.

As a teaser to the event, plans are in motion to host a “Pro-Am” that would see a number of the local homebrew clubs pair up with the local breweries to create casks.  The “Pro-Am” idea aims to expand on the success previously achieved by the collaboration between the Tricities Brew Club, Beyond the Grape On-Premise Winemaking and Home Brewing Supplies, and Moody Ales.

Come out and celebrate craft beer from all its sources, amateur or professionally brewed.




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