Winter 2017 Pro-AM

We are just days away from our second Pro-Am Cask Festival. Our first was just over a year ago in the fall of 2015, we have adjusted it’s placement in our yearly schedule but that has not hurt it one bit. Since that first Pro-Am a lot has changed and happened, though one thing has remained constant, our desire to produce awesome cask festivals. We have had great visions for our group and still do, but this event has even surprised us. As I write this we have sold over 510 tickets to this Pro-Am considering our last Pro-Am was only 160 tickets, that is just a humbling amount of growth.

We had 6 amateurs and 14 pros and the last one and this one we are thrilled to have 11 amateurs and 35 pros come out. The list is a who’s who of local craft beer with a couple special additions with some amateurs and pros from the Island and Calgary. We can only be thrilled with the support we have received from all of these participants:

Participating Breweries are:

Participating Clubs/Amateurs are:

We can’t wait to get all these casks tapped and start serving them to everyone attending. We do have a very small amount of tickets left that can be found here Tri-Cities Cask Festival Winter 2017 Pro-Am and if you don’t want to spend the money on tickets but still see the only Cask Pro-Am in Canada we are still looking for some volunteers and you can register here: Tri-Cities Cask Festival Volunteers

We hope to see you out at the event but if you can’t make it don’t worry we have great plans for the Tri-Cities Cask Festival this year and I am sure you will make one of the festivals.

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